Coach Travel – New Fashion & Cheap Way For Travelling

There are various ways to get to your holiday destination this summer. But with all the advantages of coach travel – including low costs, increased comfort and the ability to see more – why choose any other means of travelling?

Anyone who opts for coach travel this summer is in for a range of pleasant surprises – including the opportunity to get more out of their trip. For instance, while coach travel may take longer than travelling by aeroplane, it also allows you to see more along the way. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery of surrounding towns and countryside. Moreover, coach travel is typically less expensive than either planes or trains – so if you’re trying to cut corners on the overall cost of your holiday, coach travel is the way to go.

But just because coach travel is cheaper, doesn’t mean comfort is compromised. In fact, coach travel can be much more relaxing than either planes or trains. To begin with, coaches tend to have a lower likelihood of experiencing delays – which are almost inevitable with low-cost airlines. And in terms of comfort on your trip, many modern coaches are now fitted with roomy leather seats and panoramic windows for you to enjoy the views. Coaches also take frequent breaks in rest areas – so you’ll be able to stretch your legs on a regular basis. And you’ll even be able to find coach services which offer passengers free onboard WiFi access – so you can take your laptop with you to work or simply surf the internet during your journey.

Another advantage of coach travel is that you won’t have to manoeuvre around ‘peak time’ prices – which is often the case with plane and train fares. You can find various coach companies which offer the same price for a journey, no matter what time you travel. So you can book your travel ticket based on what’s most convenient for you – not the price of the ticket. Moreover, arranging coach travel is simple, with options to book via the web, over the phone or in person.

There are many coach operators, like National Express, which travel to countless destinations across the UK and Europe. So no matter where you’re planning to go, this summer, you’ll have the perfect means of getting there. Moreover, if you book your transport early, you’ll usually be able to bag some great deals on tickets – meaning your holiday travel will be even cheaper. After all, with optimum comfort, fantastic views and unbeatable deals, what’s not to love about coach travel.

Coach Travel Around the World

International jetsetters travelling far and wide often turn to buses and coaches to get around their destination country. After all, coach travel is generally easy, affordable and offers visitors a convenient form of transport. But coach standards can vary wildly from country to country, from luxurious vehicles with leather seats and onboard internet access to travelling on cramped conditions with local livestock.

Firstly let’s take a look at the country where car and coach is King: the USA. The famous Greyhound Line has been shipping travellers across the States for close to 100 years and is a national institution for travellers. Founded in 1914 in Minnesota by a Swedish immigrant to America, Greyhound first started business by transporting iron ore miners from the home to the workplace. Now, Greyhound Lines are the largest inter-city carrier of passengers in the US and serve some 2000 destinations across North America. Their buses, though not luxurious, do feature air conditioning, footrests and tinted windows as standard.

Coach travel in the Far East tends to conjure up images of buses covered in people hanging off the roof and out of windows, clutching goats, chickens and other livestock, and in certain rural areas of Asia this is still the case. However, countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Japan have extremely sophisticated and modern coach systems that would put many of those in the West to shame.

For example, Japan runs several sleeper coach lines that offer almost fully reclining seats and have three rows of single seats rather than two rows of double ones. Malaysian buses boast spacious couch-like seats with large armrests, plenty of leg room and onboard video. China is a little more variable, offering a number of choices for long distance coach travel, which can range from reasonably comfortable to fairly unpleasant. More expensive sleeper coaches provide bunks in which travellers can lie down, but in the more rural provinces, coach staff and fellow passengers can make the journey somewhat different to what people in the West might expect. For example, smoking and drinking is a popular way to pass time on long journeys, and spitting on the floor of the bus seems to be a socially acceptable practice.

Comparatively, UK coach travel is often a more sedate affair. There are a number of coach companies in operation cross-country, the most well known being National Express. Though coach distances in the UK are generally less than that in countries like China and the US, coaches are relatively lavish, with some lines introducing leather seats on all new coaches, offering panoramic window views from all seats and even Wi-Fi internet access on certain lines.

Until we invent teleportation, bus and coach travel is likely to remain the most widely used form of public transport, and the future is likely to bring new levels of luxury and sophistication to coaches around the world.

What’s The Best Way To Start Your Trip?

As the summer holiday season finally comes into view, it’s important to bear in mind a number of things when planning your vacation. The most important issues are clearly the most obvious: book your flights and accommodation well in advance and make sure you take out sufficient travel insurance cover for your needs. However, in the flurry of organizing your travel itinerary, you might have forgotten one crucial thing: how are you going to get to the airport to catch your flight in time?

If you live near the airport from which you’re catching your flight, it can be tempting to drive there yourself – especially if you’re only going away for a short while. Many people also choose to take the train to their chosen airport. For instance, if you live in Bolton and you’re flying to Spain from Manchester, it seems like the easiest option to take the train directly to Manchester Airport.

However, if you’re traveling with a lot of luggage, or a large family, it can be difficult to manoeuvre yourself and your bags through a crowded train. In fact, choosing to get to the airport via an airport coach could be an altogether more convenient option for you and your fellow travelers. Airport coaches are designed specifically with airport travelers in mind – hence, your most pressing needs will be fulfilled. Coaches provide plenty of space in which you can safely stow your heavy luggage, so you won’t have to worry about your bags until you alight at your chosen airport destination. This can be a real load off your mind when you’re traveling with a big group of children, or if your travel companion tends to be a worrier!

Airport coach travel is also more convenient because many airport coach travel providers offer 24/7 service on many popular routes. So if your flight is at 6am on Monday, you won’t have to get the last train on Sunday night and loiter around the airport in the small hours of the morning. Instead, you’ll be able to get the airport coach to your airport at the most suitable time for you, minimising the number of hours you spend waiting around.

What’s more, the proliferation of budget airlines in the modern travel market means that many people will be opting for cheaper flights to their holiday destination from many of the UK’s smaller, lesser-known airports. And while there’ll be a variety of train services that holidaymakers can take direct to Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, it’s less likely than trains will run to East Midlands, Coventry or Liverpool Airports. So if you live in Cambridge and are planning to catch a flight to Greece from East Midlands Airport, you might find that airport coach travel is not only your most effective travel option, but possibly your only travel option.

Whatever airport you’re traveling to in the UK, airport coach travel could be the most efficient and convenient way to help you get to your airport destination – and it’ll help you kick-start your holiday in comfort and style!